Establishing Entrepreneurial Theory and Risk Strategies - The MENA Region

Nick Halafihi and Abdullah Faruq Univeristy of Leeds Beckett

According to Drucker, large businesses of today can only survive if they embrace rapid change, creativity and innovation. A fundamental part of this mindset is the application of Entrepreneurial competence, which is endorsed by Lussier, Corman and Kimball. Lussier, Corman and Kimball argue that innovation can only come about after creativity has first been identified. In the Major Event Management (MEM) context, this focus on creativity is the ability to originate new and better ways of doing things which may be best represented by exciting new initiatives that are designed to set the event experience apart from others. Examples may be the use of creative technology e.g., superfast RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers and wristbands to aid with event registrations and an event app that helps with parking and orientation-see for other ideas. (Students should also see: