How Cybersecurity and Developing Technologies are Redefining the Security of Global Events in the Twenty-First Century

Paul Burnham

As technology becomes increasingly advanced and widely accessible the threat of cyberterrorism grows exponentially. Whilst technologies such as drones, centralised intelligence and digital procedures were initially used to enhance security and aid organisation managers in designing, constructing and securing global events, over time this technology is becoming increasingly weaponised and is now considered one of the most severe global terrorism threats. Testing, planning and strategising has already begun for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, with a focus on how to best respond to drone threats in particular in a swift and safe manner, whilst India has previously experienced incidents in which drones have been used to remotely deliver and detonate explosive devices. The proliferation of technological capabilities and cyberterrorism ‘training’ has resulted in threats that are hard to detect, track, and stop.