Interoperability on a global events platform: The implementation of multi-agency response systems at sporting events and the implications for the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup

Paul Burnham

As Qatar approaches the 2022 FIFA World Cup, they look to their emergency response capabilities with a desire to develop and grow interoperable systems that are efficient and maximise life-saving potential. Mega-events have been established as both excellent opportunities and areas of heightened risk, a double-edged sword of potential and danger for host countries. Across the globe the sporting events space has utilised the core principles of interoperability to deliver secure events to millions of spectators across a wide range of events and locations, and interoperability is now an increasingly sought-after capability for many nations. The ability to demonstrate the ability to host mega-events on global platforms is valued by nations, and the possibility for such events to generate a legacy of best practice has seen transformative action taken by those with a mega-event on the horizon.