Multi-agency interoperability at major sporting and sailing events

Paul Burnham

As part of the 2012 Olympic Games, the sailing events were delivered some distance from the main games in Weymouth. A complex Risk Assessment identified a specific requirement for capability in responding to Marauding Terrorist Firearms Attack (MTFA) type incidents. These incidents are extremely dangerous as they involve individuals roaming with firearms, a difficult risk to contain and eliminate in large crowded areas. This response needed to be multi-agency in delivery, incorporating Police, Military, Fire and Ambulance Services. As a rural area on the south coast of England, far from the built-up capital, and other cities considered to be potential targets, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service had no capability in this area. However West Midlands Fire Service were able to provide the required planning, protocols and capabilities on their behalf. Applying the principles of JESIP (Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Program) and JOPS (Joint Operation Planning System), a response capability was developed in order to mitigate this risk.