Bouncing Back from Covid-19 – Safely Returning to Play and Rebuilding Revenues

Webinar date January 1, 1970 2:25 pm
Password: 744577
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This two-day workshop is designed to support senior leaders of the member federations for the Asean Football Federation as they move towards a return to play following the Covid-19 pandemic. Each day of the programme is about gaining insight from prominent figures in international sport business. Through a series of closed webinars, participants will hear from executives who’ve been leading clubs, leagues, federations and agencies through the pandemic, and understand how they’re planning for the rest of 2020 and beyond. The webinar format will allow time and functionality for Q&A sessions as well, so participants will be able to get insight on topics of particular interest and relevance to them. Learning Objectives: • Acquire a global view of the sports industry following Covid-19 disruption • Gain case-study insight into how one club, league or federation has reworked their commercial strategy due to Covid-19 • Understand the changing behaviors of fans and consumers