Josoor Institute Diploma delegates discuss programme’s impact

Josoor Institute Diploma delegates discuss programme’s impact
Wed, 30/09/2020 – 13:16



Delegates of Josoor Institute’s Professional Diploma Programmes in Sports Management and Major Events Management delivered in partnership with SDA Bocconi School of Management have shared their recent experiences following their successful completion of classes for the fourth module of their programme online.


The delegates’ feedback was received through a weekly customer satisfaction questionnaire ran by the Josoor Institute and SDA Bocconi team. Nearly all delegates found the diploma week useful in improving their knowledge and would recommend the programme to a friend. The delegates specifically praised the programme’s content, delivery, faculty and guest speakers.


Commenting on the online sessions, Rasha Abualhasan, a delegate in Sports Management, said: “Despite the travel and commuting restrictions in the COVID-19 era, the Josoor Institute and SDA Bocconi team still managed to deliver an enjoyable distance learning experience with high quality modules and a solid curriculum that kept us engaged throughout.”


She added: “Tremendous efforts must be taking place behind the scenes. The sessions are highly interactive, with many activities designed to apply the principles delivered in class, either individually or within working groups. I particularly appreciated the expertise and professionalism of the SDA Bocconi crew and the international guests they hosted. This diploma is a game changer to anyone who is interested in the sports business.” 




“Some of the takeaway messages for me are reading financial reports, how to link a strategy with finance as well as the financial fair play regulations for both UEFA and Qatar”, added Syed Said Ahmed, a delegate in the Sports Management programme. 


The overall level of satisfaction of delegates corroborated the findings of a general survey Josoor Institute conducted last summer among over 200 delegates and key contacts covering programmes and other aspects of the Josoor Institute experience, as well as respondents’ areas of professional interests and priority.


Nearly every delegate and contact surveyed would consider studying at Josoor Institute again, and in parallel there is a strong demand for the regular online sessions initiated in the spring amidst the pandemic. From a content standpoint, the data suggests a strong demand for continuing education in Josoor Institute’s core areas of sports and events management, including specific topics like venue management, protocol management, and sustainability; while also some demand for related areas such as hospitality management.


The survey also highlighted a strong demand for career services, networking events, mentorship and coaching schemes and bespoke sessions. Moreover, over half of the respondents expressed their willingness to support Josoor Institute through professional association and research projects, or hosting or facilitating events, and nearly 40 per cent would be interested in supporting an alumni association. Last but not least, nearly all respondents would gladly participate in a Josoor Institute online membership forum.


Afraa Al Noaimi


Welcoming the positive outcome of the recent diploma week and the results of the surveys, Afraa Al Noaimi, Executive Director at Josoor Institute, said:


“At the Josoor Institute, we deeply value the regular input of our delegates and key contacts. First and foremost the fact that nearly all our alumni would be keen to study again at the institute should be a matter of pride for all the colleagues and partners that over the years have contributed to the idea, the design, the development and the delivery of Josoor Institute as the education and training arm of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy.”


“Strategically, the results of these surveys make us and our partner SDA Bocconi School of Management proud, but more importantly they guide us in our strategy going forward as we constantly improve our Diploma Programme, soon accepting admissions for 2021. This is a key moment for the institute as we continue to serve our community amid the pandemic, and look forward to the years ahead”, added Al Noaimi.


The delegates will reconvene with the SDA Bocconi faculty and guest speakers in late October 2020 for another module. Applications for the new cohort of the Professional Diploma Programmes in Sports Management and Major Events Management will open week of 4 October.


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