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Challenges for the youth during COVID-19

Published on 11/10/2020

Title: Challenges for the youth during COVID-19 – the transformative role of sports and other engines of learning and community building

Amani Alqadi, Founder, Aurora for Training and Development
Michael Cacich, Senior Education Specialist, Education Above All
Nasser Al Khori, Programme Director, Generation Amazing
Dr. Leo Watkins, Lecturer in Research Methods, UCFB

​Moderated by: Dr. Simon Chadwick, Director, Center for Eurasian Sport Industry, EM Lyon Business School

The discussion will touch on risk areas for youth during the pandemic, and the transition to recovery phases across communities, the role sport and football organisations can play in helping them, including digital delivery methods, and ways in which collaboration and innovation in the field can help foster community-based solutions to the challenges the pandemic recovery presents.

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