Josoor Institute and SC highlight benefits of circular economy during online session

Josoor Institute and SC highlight benefits of circular economy during online session
Thu, 08/04/2021 – 12:41

Online session


Josoor Institute and the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) recently hosted a panel session titled ‘Football, Fashion and the Circular Economy’. It was the latest event in Josoor Institute’s sustainability series and included guest speakers from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC (Q22), Adidas and Bulgari.


The session was moderated by Orjan Lundberg, Sustainability Expert at the SC. Speakers included Erin Kelley, Sustainability Manager, Q22, Eleonora Rizzuto, Founder and President, Associazione Italiana per lo Sviluppo dell’Economia Circolare (AISEC), and Director of CSR, Bulgari, Gaia Pretner, Sustainable Procurement Manager, Q22, and Luca Mosca, Senior Manager of Brand Sustainability, Adidas.


Speakers discussed the concept of a circular economy – an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources. It is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. The session opened with Pretner explaining how the circular economy model would be applied to a mega-event such as the FIFA World Cup™, in areas such as planning, procurement, construction, operations and recycling.


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Kelley shared an update from the recent FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020™, which was held in February. Circular economy principles were implemented during the tournament in areas such as procurement, contracts, awareness raising, training, site operations and waste handling. Thanks to various interventions, including recycling stations and the use of composting equipment, the organisers diverted 42% of total waste away from landfill, with the majority being processed for reuse within the landscape and agricultural industries in Qatar.


Mosca outlined the approach of Adidas to sustainability, including details of the company’s efforts to produce more than 15 million pairs of shoes from recycled Parley Ocean plastic in 2020, mentioning that Adidas expects to phase out the use of virgin plastics and polyesters in products by 2024. 


Rizzuto shared her experiences in launching AISEC for the purpose of promoting a vision beyond just recycling, but also including a holistic and territorial approach. She also outlined clothing brand Bulgari’s approach to running a sustainable business, saying that the luxury sector has embraced sustainability by implementing behaviour change throughout the supply chain, while promoting research and development.  


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A recording of the session will be available to view soon via the Josoor Institute’s knowledge hub, which also includes information about upcoming webinars as part of the sustainability series.


Josoor Institute is a FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ legacy programme. It is tasked with leveraging Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup by passing knowledge to the next generation of sports and events professionals. It runs a host of education and training initiatives throughout the year.


For more information visit or visit the Josoor Institute Knowledge Hub at


Recycling binsRecycling binsOnline session

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